Oak Hall School

Welcome to our community

Oak Hall is more than just another school.

It is a learning community where students, with the support of their teachers and parents, have rich and abundant opportunities to grow as people, to challenge themselves in academics, the arts, and athletics, and to learn to care for others.

The centerpiece of our mission, of course, is academics. Oak Hall offers a broad and rigorous curriculum for all our students. Our Lower School program is appropriately accelerated, ensuring that our younger students attain real fluency in fundamental skills across the curriculum. In the Middle School those skills are developed further with a course of study that begins their serious exposure to the liberal arts, but also offers flexibility to meet the needs of the individual. The Upper School is entirely college preparatory, with a multitude of Advanced Placement, honors, and elective courses.

Much of our advantage derives from a very low student-teacher ratio, about 10:1, which allows for a great deal of individual attention. Our relatively small overall size and small classes create an atmosphere where academic achievement is universally supported, and where personal success is appreciated.

We believe no school can call itself excellent unless it blends great academics with a commitment to the whole child. Oak Hall offers extensive co and extracurricular programs that address a young person’s needs beyond the classroom: aesthetic, athletic, and character development. We believe exploration in the fine and performing arts is an integral part of an excellent education, and there are numerous opportunities in those areas. Our award-winning athletic and physical education programs fill the need for students to develop healthy bodies as well as learn the lessons that sports can teach so successfully.

Possibly the most important program that underlies everything else we do is our Character Education program. We take special care to teach our young boys and girls about honesty, integrity, kindness, good manners, tolerance, and a host of other important traits that will help them to become exemplary citizens and good people.

Finally, we value service to the community. Our commitment to serving the needs of Gainesville and the world is a vital part of our mission. While community service is required in the Upper School, we provide endless service learning opportunities for all our children.

Richard H. Gehman
Head of School


Guided by the ideals of "Scholarship, Leadership, and Service," Oak Hall School serves young men and women from diverse backgrounds who can benefit from a challenging college preparatory program. We are committed to the liberal arts tradition, which sees education as the worthy pursuit of a lifetime, an end to itself as well as a means toward personal and social growth.

We believe in the power of a liberal arts education to transform lives, to develop unique talents, to enhance self-esteem, to build character, and to inspire a life-long love of learning. We seek to nurture in young people the qualities of intelligence, wisdom, and moral commitment, and to foster in them an impassioned curiosity about the world around them as well as the imagination to seek new solutions to problems.

Perhaps most important in furthering our mission is maintaining a family-like environment that is physically safe and emotionally supportive, where intelligence and compassion are highly valued, and where close relationships between students and teachers are encouraged.

Oak Hall School also seeks to provide many opportunities for our young people to develop in areas beyond acquiring essential academic skills. Our relatively small size, coupled with an array of extracurricular options, make it possible for each one of our students to play a leadership role in the rich daily life of our community. It is this unique blend of environment and opportunities - academic, athletic, artistic, and service - that provides students with the motivation to achieve academic excellence, to become leaders within their community, and to develop a strong sense of personal and social responsibility.

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