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Why Choose Oak Hall School?    

At Oak Hall School we believe in the power of education to transform lives, unleash potential, develop talents, build character, spark imaginations and inspire a life-long love of learning.
  • 35 Mathlete students (4th-5th grade) have scored in the TOP 10 percent of the world in International competitions.
  • 200 colleges have admitted our students since 2010. Colleges include CalTech, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, MIT, NYU, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, Washington and Lee, Vanderbilt, Virginia, and Yale.
  • 97 percent of high school faculty members hold advanced degrees.
  • Since 1972, over 1,400 alumni are found worldwide in leadership roles within their chosen professions. Graduates include engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, business owners, financial advisors, software developers, teachers, actors, inventors, and more.

Oak Hall School’s competitive athletic and award-winning fine arts programs provide opportunities for leadership, teamwork and discipline. Our comprehensive Character Education Program complements your family’s values and goals to raise community-oriented and compassionate citizens.

Our students appreciate the variety of activities. One high school student said, "I like how we can do it all. I can participate in athletics and the arts while maintaining a good GPA."
  • Over 70 clubs offered such as Odyssey of the Mind, Chess, Robotics and Key Club.
  • 46 athletic teams including Lacrosse, Swimming, and Football.
  • 41 AP and Honors Classes.
  • Emphasis on Global Education with International travel opportunities every year.
  • Foreign language classes offered at every grade level.
  • Individualized College Counseling for each student starting in high school.

At Oak Hall School, your child’s safety is always a priority for our faculty and staff. In fact, security is one of the top five reasons parents send their children to our school. Our school’s security measures include:
  • Full-time campus security.
  • Surveillance system utilizing human and photographic equipment.
  • A safety plan that is unique to each division on campus.
  • Frequent drills conducted for lockdown and evacuation.
  • Faculty and staff trained in safety and security measures.
  • An ongoing process to secure the campus through access control, fencing, and electronically secured doors.
  • A strong partnership with local law enforcement that includes both training and tactical exercises conducted on our campus.

There’s no doubt about it: where your child goes to school has a significant impact on where he or she will go in life. At Oak Hall we pride ourselves on our small-school, friendly atmosphere.   
  • Student to Faculty ratio 13:1.
  • Emphasis on character education grades Preschool through 12.
  • The senior class performed over 6,800 hours of community service.
  • Teachers serve as advisers, coaches and sponsors of student clubs and activities.
  • 98 percent of faculty and staff participate in our school’s Annual Fund.
  • 560 dedicated families provide encouragement, support, leadership, volunteerism, funding and commitment to our students, faculty, and staff.
  • 97 percent parent satisfaction.

Oak Hall admits students of any race, color, religion,
disability or national or ethnic origin.

Oak Hall School has two Admission offices, one for 3 year old preschool-grade 5 and another for grades 6-12.

Inquiries are welcome at any time, but parents are encouraged to apply in the fall of the year prior to prospective admission.

For more information or to schedule a visit to our campus, please call or e-mail.

You can also use our online inquiry forms to request an information packet. We look forward to hearing from you!

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