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College Counseling

As you begin to think about choosing a college, you are about to make one of the most important decisions you have made up to this point in your life. The selection of the right college can be confusing, challenging, and frustrating, but ultimately, deeply rewarding. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for the college admission process. While applying to college can be scary, it is manageable. To paraphrase a Hindu proverb, "a journey of a thousand miles is made up of a series of discrete steps."

Oak Hall's college counseling program is designed to help students and their parents in every phase of the search and application process. The college counselors will accompany you on the journey. The entire counseling staff is here to help you. Use us; use the College Counseling Guidebook.

College counseling begins in the ninth grade and continues throughout the Upper School. The college counselors hold group meetings, which stress the importance of proper course selection and strong academic priorities, responsible citizenship, standardized test preparation and involvement in extracurricular activities and community service. In the junior year, students are assigned a college adviser. Individual counseling sessions begin in the eleventh grade as students commence in college search process. Group and individual meetings continue during the senior year as the emphasis changes to application preparation.

Parents and students are encouraged to schedule individual conferences with a college counselor at any time in the Upper School to discuss specific needs, questions and concerns. It is our goal to help you with this important decision in any way we can.

"Our size, and the individual attention we can offer each student, allows us to suggest colleges for consideration that 'match' the particular child. This point speaks directly to our departmental mission as we, working in partnership with our families, seek college experiences that will best 'fit' the young college aspirant. 'Fit' is a popular buzzword in college admissions these days but our approach, our size, our student knowledge allows us to reach that goal with most of our young men and women."  -Chris Beckmann
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