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As you begin to think about choosing a college, you are about to make one of the most important decisions you have made up to this point in your life. The selection of the right college can be confusing, challenging, and frustrating, but ultimately, deeply rewarding. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for the college admission process. While applying to college can be scary, it is manageable. To paraphrase a Hindu proverb, "a journey of a thousand miles is made up of a series of discrete steps."

Oak Hall's college counseling program is designed to help students and their parents in every phase of the search and application process. The college counselors will accompany you on the journey. The entire counseling staff is here to help you. Use us; use the College Counseling Guidebook.

College counseling begins in the ninth grade and continues throughout the Upper School. The college counselors hold group meetings, which stress the importance of proper course selection and strong academic priorities, responsible citizenship, standardized test preparation and involvement in extracurricular activities and community service. In the junior year, students are assigned a college adviser. Individual counseling sessions begin in the eleventh grade as students commence in college search process. Group and individual meetings continue during the senior year as the emphasis changes to application preparation.

Parents and students are encouraged to schedule individual conferences with a college counselor at any time in the Upper School to discuss specific needs, questions and concerns. It is our goal to help you with this important decision in any way we can.

College Central

Please note that the following state universities have extended their application deadlines: 


  • Florida State University (Priority) -  11/1
  • University of Florida - 11/15
  • University of Georgia (Early Action) - 10/15
  • Georgia Tech (Early Action) - 10/15
  • University of Maryland (Priority) - 11/1
  • UNC-Chapel Hill (Early Action) - 10/15
  • NC State University (Early Action) - 10/15
  • Rutgers University (Early Action) - 11/1
  • University of South Carolina (Early Answer) - 10/15


For FSU's priority deadline, applicants must have a completed application submitted by this date, which means that FSU must receive the Student Self-Reported Academic Record (SSAR) and the standardized test scores by the application deadline.  Please note that the College Counseling Office is in the process of gathering all the materials to send to colleges with upcoming application deadlines. Here is the timeframe for when we will be submitting supporting documents to colleges: for schools that have 11/1 deadlines, materials will be sent October 25-30th. Please note that while schools such as GA Tech, UGA, UNC, and NC State have deadlines of October 15th, this deadline is for the student to have their applications submitted; these schools allow for supporting documents to be submitted later (for UNC, they must be submitted by 11/1; for GA Tech it is 12/1). Students will have their materials sent to colleges prior to 11/1.


We are seeking to nominate students for the following competitive scholarship programs:

Belk Scholars Program (Davidson College) – deadline, 11/10

Danforth Scholars Program (Washington University in St. Louis) – deadline, 11/15


Please contact Ms. Simpson if you would like to be considered for nomination. Please note that Oak Hall can nominate two seniors for the Belk Scholars Programs.

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The focus is on the journey (Upper School) rather than the destination. While acknowledging that there will be a destination point for our students (college), our goal is to help students immerse themselves in their Upper School experience by focusing on their academics, building relationships with their teachers and peers, and becoming involved in the life of the school community, all of which will have relevance during the college application process in the senior year.
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