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2018-2019 Ticket to Play Required Forms

Follow these simple steps to gain athletic eligibility for the 2018-2019 school year.  Students may NOT participate in open facility, conditioning, tryouts, practices, or athletic competitions without a completed Ticket to Play.
1. Visit www.nfhslearn.com and sign in or create an account
  a. watch the Concussion in Sport video and print Certificate of Completion
  b. watch the Heat Illness Prevention video and print Certificate of Completion
  c. watch the Sudden Cardiac Arrest video and print Certificate of Completion
>>The page will make you order the course, although there is no fee.
>>This is an annual requirement as required by the FHSAA regardless of past participation
  a. DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN ATHLETICS IN 2017-2018 ---> Click Register for a new account
  PARTICIPATED IN ATHLETICS IN 2017-2018 --> Log in and click, start clearances here!
  b. complete or update student info in Step 1
   c. upload the FHSAA Physical 2018-2019 EL2 FHSAA Physical in Step 2, Medical History
  d. upload the certificate of completion for Concussion in Sport in Step 2, Medical History
e. in the"Additional Form Upload Area" of Step 2, Medical History, upload the Heat Illness Prevention,and Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  This must be done as a single document and not two different uploads.   
  f. upload Proof of Insurance showing front and back of identification card in Step 2, Medical History.  This must be done as a single document and not two different uploads.
g. complete or update parent/guardian information in Step 3.
h. both parent and student must review and electronically sign the Athletic Fee Authorization, all components of FHSAA form EL 3 (Consent and Release), Sportsmanship Pledge, and UF Disclosure Form in Step 4
  i. print and sign the confirmation page
>>If you are unable to upload the FHSAA Physical (EL 2 Form), Proof of Insurance,  or any of the Certificates of Completion, hard copies may be submitted to the athletic office and we will be happy to do this for you.
3. Bring to the ATHLETIC OFFICE (see availability above)
  a. a hard copy of the FHSAA Physical Form (EL 2).  Be sure it is completed in its entirety including parent and student signatures.  Please be sure physician signs and DATES page 2 of the form.
  b. the Parent Consent Form printed in 2-i above from the Athletic Clearance website.
  c. NEW STUDENTS AND 6TH GRADERS ONLY-->A copy of your birth certificate
  d. copies of all three aforementioned Certificates of Completion and Proof of Insurance if not uploaded on Athletic Clearance site.
4. Check  email 1-2 business days following submission of items listed in #3 above for "Ticket to Play" email.  This will mean that  eligibility has been granted.  Students may not begin open facility, conditioning, tryouts, practices, or athletic competitions without a completed Ticket to Play.
5. Turn your Ticket to Play into your coach.  This is your admission into open facility, conditioning, tryouts, practices, or athletic  competitions.
>>Assuming student continues to meet academic eligibility requirements as outlined in the Student-Parent Athletic Handbook, the Ticket to Play Process must only be done one time annually.  Following the original submission of a Ticket to Play, students will be placed on a "Cleared List" and permitted to participate in other athletic related activities in the school year.
>>The FHSAA Physical (EL 2 Form) is ONLY valid for 365 days.  If it expires before the end of the school year, the student will temporarily lose eligibility until a new form can be provided.
INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS must make an appointment with Coach Malloy (jmalloy@oakhall.org) and provide a copy of their VISA and I-20 Documentation.  Please allow an additional 7-10 days for processing.
Questions??? Contact Director of Athletics Coach Malloy at jmalloy@oakhall.org or the Athletic Administrative Assistant, Danielle Tripp at dtripp@oakhall.org.  The athletic office phone number is 352-332-3609, X-150.

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