Oak Hall School

Athletic Awards Schedule

Fall Awards Presentation

Cheer-Girls Tennis Bleachers
Cross Country- Fountain/Picnic Area
Football- Student Center
Golf- Softball Bleachers
Swimming- Theater
Volleyball- Gym

Winter Awards Presentation

Cheer- Girls Tennis Bleachers
Boys Basketball- Gym
Girls Basketball- Student Center
Boys Soccer- Theater
Girls Soccer- Softball Bleachers
Girls Weightlifting- Weight Room 

Spring Awards Presentation

Baseball- Upper School Media Center
Softball- Softball Bleachers
Boys Lacrosse- Gym
Girls Lacrosse- Student Center
Boys Tennis- Fountain
Girls Tennis- Fountain
Track & Field- Theater
Weightlifting- Weight Room

Booster Club

Contributed close to $74,000 this year for the Athletic Program

Through their efforts, we were able to provide uniform or equipment allocations for the following sports:  Mens Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field, and Cheerleading.  Middle School Football jerseys were also provided.

  The boosters also provided funding for girls lacrosse, boys basketball video equipment, a new Vertimax machine, a new Shootaway machine for our basketball programs, volleyball backpacks, funding for our Dig Pink event, our new gymnasium scoring table, a contribution to our new gymnasium sound system, weight room equipment, and tents for our swimming program (yet to be purchased). 
Finally, funding from boosters also goes to support ALL of the Team Championship Banners you see and the awards they will receive tonight.

Award Recognition System

Varsity Level

Varsity Letter & Pin is awarded for 1st varsity participation in a sport.

Pin only is awarded for participation in any varsity sport following first participation.

Service Bar is awarded for years of service in a varsity sport after the first year.

Certificates are awarded should someone participate at the varsity level but not qualify for a letter due to injury or other reason.

Trophies are given at the discretion of the coaching staff to athletes who excel in team defined award categories.

 Junior Varsity Level

JV Letter is awarded for 1st junior varsity participation in a sport.

Star only is awarded for each participation at the junior varsity level following the awarding of a JV letter.

Certificates are awarded should someone participate at the junior varsity level but not qualify for a letter due to injury or other reason.

Freshman and Middle School Level

Certificates of Participation are awarded.

 Letter Jackets?

A letter jacket order will be taken in the fall.  Contact Coach Malloy if you are interested.

2018 Summer Camp

Sport Camps: Register at www.oakhallsummerprogram.org

Big Nasty Offensive Line Camp, June 7-8
Girls Basketball Camp, June 11-15
Monte Towe Basketball Camp, June 18-22 
British Soccer Camp, June 18-22
Girls Lacrosse Camp, June 25-29
Boys Lacrosse Camp, June 25-29
Intro to Competitive Volleyball, July 9-13
Volleyball Preparation Camp, July 9-13
Oak Hall Football Team 31 Activity, July 12-13
Oak Hall Football Team 31 Activity and Competition, July 12-18
Strictly Shooting Basketball Camp, July 23-27



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