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iPad Initiative

This school year will be an exciting time for 4-8th grade students as we prepare students for participation in the global society, we must challenge our teachers to provide opportunities for our students to practice 21st century skills - critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, visual literacy, and technological literacy. Oak Hall School has invested time and monies to expand our network to allow for this opportunity. The staff will also be educated on the best ways to incorporate iPads in their daily lessons. The hope is that through the use of technology, teachers and students will be more innovative, creative and become productive and critical thinkers.
During the summer, each student, along with at least one parent, will be asked to attend an orientation meeting. At this meeting, we will connect student iPads to our network, help students download the required apps, set up a school email account, discuss the rules and guidelines for the iPads, and review the School’s Acceptable Use Policy. If you have any questions, please refer the FAQs below or contact Gabe Lee.

iPad FAQs

What iPad should I buy for my student?
Families who need to purchase a new iPad for their child for next year are encouraged to buy an iPad Air or an iPad mini. It is encouraged that parents purchase an iPad with at least 32GB of storage, but this is not a requirement. The iPad 2 is also acceptable, but is no longer available for purchase directly from Apple. You may also purchase refurbished iPads, if you would like to lower costs. 
What if my student already has an iPad?
As long as it is an iPad 2 or greater that will work. If your student already has an iPad, they must allow 10GB of space to be used for school apps and projects. If a student has many songs or videos on their iPad, they must remove enough data so that there is space for their schoolwork.  
What happens if my student runs out of storage space?
Students with a high volume of personal media (photos, videos, music) may encounter storage issues with their device. Additionally, many games take up a large amount of storage space. Students can manage their storage by going to Settings>General>Usage. Alternative cloud storage solutions include iCloud and Dropbox. An update to the iCloud service is expected in iOS8, which hopefully will alleviate some of this trouble. If you have any questions about these alternatives, you can email Gabe Lee.  
What is expected of my student?
Students will be expected to follow all rules and guidelines of Oak Hall School’s Acceptable Use Policy. This policy will be reviewed with students and parents during a required orientation session. Students must remember that while an iPad can function as an entertainment device, in school the device will be used for educational purposes only. Students will also be required to:
  • Bring a fully charged iPad to school each day.
  • Be the only user of the device; students should not be sharing their device with classmates.
  • Keep the iPad with them or in their classroom at all times.
  • Keep their iPad in a protective case.
  • Keep a security passcode on their device, which must be unlocked if instructed by a teacher.
What cases do you recommend for the iPad?
When selecting a case there are three important considerations:
  1. Protection of the glass screen.
  2. Impact protection at the corners.
  3. The ability to prop the iPad up at an angle for better viewing and typing.  
Here are some example cases for you to consider.
Does my student need a stylus?
While not required, it is recommended. Below is a highly recommended stylus that has replaceable tips.  
What email account should be used to setup my child’s iTunes (Apple ID) account?
In order to use an iPad, students must have an iTunes account. This ID allows users to buy and manage apps, music, photos, and documents on their iPads. Students under the age of 13 cannot register for their own iTunes account; therefore parents, on behalf of their students, must create the account.  
Parents who would like to monitor their student’s devices should consider using a parent’s email for the Apple ID. This way all purchases will be emailed to your email account.
What apps will my student be required to download?
During the Parent and Student orientation meeting with Mr. Lee, a list of apps will be pushed out to the iPad. Some of the apps will be pre-purchased by the school so that a discount can be applied. Throughout the year, new apps may be pushed out to students, please install those apps when they are pushed out.  
Will students be trained on how to use their iPads and required apps?
As part of the Science and Technology course in Oak Hall’s Lower School, apps will be taught and utilized. These taught apps will then be applied in their classrooms.  
How will students submit assignments to their teachers?
Students will become part of an online educational community called Edmodo. Through Edmodo, students will be able to turn in assignments from multiple teachers.    
How can Oak Hall School be sure a student is using their iPad appropriately?
An essential 21st century skill is for students to become responsible users of technology tools. This includes maintaining and caring for a mobile device. Teachers will not “police” each device to see what has been downloaded on a student device, but they can ask a student to remove an application or media if a teacher feels it is inappropriate or a distraction to the educational process. Oak Hall personnel have the right to examine a student’s iPad at any time for the purpose of verifying the content and usage of the device is in compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy. There is no expectation of student privacy with these devices.
How do I ensure that content downloaded on my student’s iPad is age appropriate?
Parents may utilize the Restrictions/Parental controls through the iPad’s General settings to manage the ratings for music, apps, podcasts, tv shows and books. These settings can be locked with a passcode so that students cannot alter these settings.     
What if my child’s iPad is dropped, lost or stolen?
It is a student’s responsibility to care for his or her own device. If the iPad is lost or broken, it is the family’s responsibility to replace the device in a timely manner. Apple Care protection is available for all newly purchased iPads, but this does not cover lost or stolen iPads. Other insurance options are available. All iPads should be Find my iPhone enabled, which will allow Oak Hall Staff to locate an iPad if it is missing. If an iPad has gone missing, students should report it as soon as possible. Oak Hall School is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage to a personally owned device.  
How do I prevent my student from downloading apps without my permission?
Parents can restrict the ability to download apps using parental controls. Also, if a parent email is used all purchases and downloads are emailed to parents. Finally, it is recommended that parents remove their credit card information from their student’s iPad. To complete this step you must purchase an iTunes gift card and apply it to your account. This step will prevent large unauthorized purchases from being made on your iTunes account. The information on how to do this can be found here.  
Will students be able to print their work at school? 
Yes, but should only print when given permission from their teacher.  
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