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Kelly Needles

Franco Estores

What Parents Say:

Joan Cutler

I wanted to check in and let you know how thankful we remain, for the Oak Hall footprint in our lives. The experience at Oak Hall impacts not only the grades but the positive comments that go along with them. 
Jada and Carly love their new school but still miss Oak Hall and their many friendships there...me too! On more than one occasion, their current teachers ask me what school my children came from...the response from them is "I can tell it was a good school." Obviously, I proudly agree! Jada tells me that when they move onto a new topic in math, the teacher asks if anyone has already learned it...Jada tells me she is always raising her hand. I was told that Carly took a 5th grade Language Arts test in order to gauge understanding of the new topics. She scored the highest score in 30 years...by 30 points! 
We are very proud of them but we know it takes a Village...we wanted to thank you for being part of our Village. Please forward to their teachers...Ms. Zawadzki, Ms. Craft, Mr. and Mrs. Mills, Ms. Ivin, Mrs. Curtis and Mrs. Hudson. Jada and Carly both have a part in the school music performance tomorrow night - thank you to Mrs. Offerle...they both got a solo part in the songs from "Hamilton."

Andy and Anne Staples

We wanted to thank you for your role in helping us choose Oak Hall for Will and Maggie. A year later, we could not be more thrilled with our choice. We knew that picking a school would be among the most important parenting decisions we made, and the way you welcomed us and answered all our questions made us feel immediately comfortable with Oak Hall.
Now that our kids have spent a school year there, we’re even more excited. Will and Maggie thrived beyond our expectations in the Oak Hall environment. They had wonderful teachers who took the time to understand their personalities so they could best reach them. Koeli Mitra’s loving but firm approach to education is what every child needs, and it helped Will learn and mature. Cindy Schirmer probably will get a hug from Maggie every school day for the next 12 years. It wasn’t only those two teachers, though. We’ve been thoroughly impressed with everyone who has worked with our children — from their Spanish teacher to the physical education coaches to the aftercare workers.
We couldn’t have made a better choice, and it makes us so happy that Will and Maggie will be Oak Hall students until they leave for college. So thank you for your help in leading us to Oak Hall. We are so grateful.

Heather Damron, M.S.

I can't thank you enough for the love and support that both Mrs. Willis and Mrs. Jethro provide for my girls! Their assistants are icing on the cake! The warmth and unconditional support by these teachers is priceless! Learning appears like magic when you have the love of the teacher! Many thanks!

Abbey Farmer

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise children. So much work and time goes into raising your child and its important, at an early age, to lay groundwork and build an extended family of people who want your child succeed in school and in life. 
Oak Hall’s Early Childhood Learning Center administrators and teachers are committed to delivering a high quality education while cultivating well rounded students. Our 6 year old son, for example, began his schooling with Oak Hall in Pre-Kindergarten with Mrs. Davis where he was learning through hands-on activities, songs, and play to keep him engaged. Classroom activities, circle time, and one-on-one table activities with Mrs. Davis encouraged development of vocabulary, participation, imagination, creativity, and fine motor skills. Both Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten years prepared him for a smooth transition into Kindergarten where he was able to hit the ground running and was reading 6 weeks into the school year. His current Kindergarten curriculum offers physical education four times a week, Spanish language twice a week, Music, Art, and Assembly once a week. He participates in after school activities like Flag Football, Weird Science, Chess Club, and Basketball (to name a few) on Oak Hall’s campus to continue his physical, social, and emotional development once the school day ends. He is encouraged to speak in public, both to his peers and adults, on the morning announcements with weather forecasts, during assembly, and during productions that showcase studies from their classroom. He competed at the US Chess Federation K-12 Nationals and helped Oak Hall’s Chess Team win the Kindergarten National Championship in 2015. He is a “Top Runner” in his physical education class by completing over 48 laps. And these are just a few examples from the first three academic years of proud parent moments that we have experienced as the result of our son attending Oak Hall. These opportunities that the school and its programs offer to our son are preparing him to be a well rounded student and member of society.
It is reassuring to know that while I am at work my children are in a safe environment, at a great school whose professionals provide them with the tools for academic, social, and emotional success. So much of the village that we have built for our children involves Oak Hall: its teachers, coaches, administrators, families, and staff and we are forever grateful to have the opportunity to be Oak Hall Eagles!


I've been through five different schools traveling through Florida and none of them compare to Oak Hall. The teachers and administration pay extra close attention to the students. What I find most impressive is that the teachers from other classrooms know and are friendly to every student and parent and not only their own.

Ms. Johnson makes sure to say hello to each student, by name, that comes in. She gave my daughter a high five one morning and my daughter was so excited. Since that day Ms. Johnson hasn't missed a high five every morning. It feels like a large family and I'm so honored to be a part of it.

Katherine Krause

“There isn't a better, more diverse, all-inclusive school around! It is the bond between my son and the leaders of Oak Hall School that keeps him so motivated. I am eternally grateful for the relationship between educators and the extra curriculum staff that help raise our youth. Matt DiBernardo, OHS Varsity football coach, incorporates life lessons and discipline in his team and prepares our sons to embrace their futures.”

Aaron Nagle

“We are proud and excited that Kylie will be starting school in the fall. She already has a lot of friends at Oak Hall. We went to Jaron's 3rd grade pirate show last week. It's amazing how all the kids are developing! It was a great performance and we are so proud of Jaron. Oak Hall offers so much to the students and I'm so pleased that Jaron is participating in the activities. Thank you!”

Preschool Parent

I just wanted to send a quick note to say how happy we are that we chose to send our daughter to Oak Hall. She is so happy. She has been singing the weather song, days of the week and months of the year (which I have been trying to teach her for weeks). She tells me about her day when I pick her up, but will then tell me different things throughout the day with pride and a big smile on her face. She is napping again and going to bed easily even after a nap. So I know she is being stimulated both mentally and physically.
It is so apparent that everyone at Oak Hall has only her best interest at heart. Our family already feels a part of your warm community.
We can't wait to see what else is in store!

Namee and Darren Oberst

"Due to our expat life, our son has attended international schools in Madrid, Spain, Bangalore, India and Beijing, China, but truth be told, we were most impressed with Oak Hall. In our opinion, Oak Hall is extremely well-run, academically-rigorous and teaches wonderful values to its students. The staff and faculty are truly dedicated and we met some wonderful people during our time there."  

Tracy and Kevin Hollen

"We cannot put into words what the teachers and staff at Oak Hall mean to our family. Oak Hall does not graduate such truly amazing young adults by just luck. Your entire staff is compassionate, nurturing and knowledgeable and gives 300 percent all the time. They are not just teachers, coaches, counselors but extended family who truly are vested in the well-being of our children. It has been such a privilege to have been part of this educational experience."  

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