Latin Certamen Meet

On October 22, the Oak Hall Junior Classical League hosted its annual certamen tournament. The competition featured 10 schools from around the state. There were 15 teams in the Latin I division. Oak Hall fielded two teams, including the first 6th grade team in the tournament's history. The 6th grade team included Rachel Rubin, Ansley Green and Lauren Wilkinson. The 6th graders placed 11th overall. Oak Hall's 7th grade team consisting of Catherine Euliano, Barrett Pittman and Marya Ali made it to the finals, placing 3rd in the Latin I division.

The Latin II division also comprised of two teams. The 8th grade team, Kevin Johns, John Theurer, Spencer Moreno and Josh Black, placed 2nd overall. Oak Hall's Freshman team, Gerardo Molina, Zain Kabeer, William Boyes and Neil Duncan placed 1st in the Latin II division.

In the Advanced division, Oak Hall put two teams in the finals. The Sophomore team of Ernie Thuerer, Matt Anderson and Weilin Cai placed 3rd and the Junior team of Henry Schott, Amanda Evans, Lucas Marsiske and Josh Pincus placed 1st in the Advanced division. Overall it was a great day for our Latin students!


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