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Portrait of a Graduate

The mission statement and core values of our school is a concise representation of why we exist - our purpose. For Oak Hall it is: A welcoming, diverse, and supportive learning community empowering students to pursue their academic, artistic, and athletic passions. Scholarship, Leadership, Service. The faculty, alumni, administration, and Independent School Management have worked together to develop a statement that accurately represents student outcomes which we call the Portrait of a Graduate. This is a set of written outcomes that we expect students to develop over the years they spend at Oak Hall. At all levels, we are working to achieve these outcomes in a planned and organized way.

The outcomes were developed, primarily, by survey of recent alumni. The selected outcomes were chosen because they recurred consistently in the alumni responses. The alumni were asked this open-ended question, "If you could imagine yourself the day after graduation and reflect upon your time at Oak Hall, how would you finish this statement "I am ______.""  An Oak Hall Graduate can proudly say:

I am valued as a unique individual and as a member of a supportive community.

I am a proud and unwavering speaker who is unafraid of expressing my thoughts and ideas.

I am confident in my ability to lead.

I am empowered to seize the future as an opportunity. 

I am prepared to embrace change as a positive force in my life. 

Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle

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