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Check out these testimonials from current and past Oak Hall Families

"It has been wonderful! Oak Hall excelled in not just education, but also in creating a nurturing, diverse, innovative, safe, and accommodating environment. We are blessed to be part of the Oak Hall family!" - Morouje A.
"Dear Mrs. Wharton - I want to say to you, and to everyone we met on Saturday: very well done, all around. I knew the school's reputation, and so I knew it would look impressive. But I did not expect it to be so warm and inviting, or to have a classroom that feels like kids live there, or a library in which I can just see my son hanging out, or to have so many little stories of kids learning chess or similar. I expected everyone to be friendly and professional, but I didn't expect everyone to be so lovely--you, who had been my contact all along, were there to greet us and introduce us around and show us the school; we had a chat with Kirk Klein, Board of Trustees Chairman, when we arrived that felt familiar and really put us at ease; Mrs. Mills, Director of the Early Childhood Learning Center and the Lower School, had such a thoughtful and patient approach to education that we were much assured any child would be nurtured and thrive there. Thank you so much to all for making a somewhat intimidating experience feel personal." - Jennifer R.
"I can see the entire Kindergarten is putting a great deal of effort into making the online experience interactive. Chloe had such a great day!!!!!
Thank you and the entire OHS for working so effectively to provide the best possible education to our littles under such extenuating circumstances." - Marnie S.

"Her first few days have been fantastic! She has had nothing but great things to say about her experience. We are so proud to be a part of the Oak Hall family!" - Kelly W.

"John had a great first week. He came home everyday excited to share about what he was doing in class and the new friends he was making. He also is loving after school care. We are beyond impressed, but not the least bit surprised." - Jaime G.

"I just wanted to let you know that we have been so pleased with how the Lower School has handled the COVID crisis. They have successfully communicated a comprehensive and detailed homeschooling program for our kiddos. It is so well organized and the teachers are ALWAYS on hand to help out if needed. Just wanted to let you know what a great job they have done and are continuing to do. Everyone has worked so hard." - Jackie F.

"Our entire extended family wish the Oak Hall faculty and staff safety during this unprecedented crisis and please know we are very grateful for all you do! Thank you!" - Ben W.

"Thanks so much for everything that Oak Hall is doing to keep families and students connected. We feel incredibly blessed to have our daughter attend a school that is so warm and caring, particularly during these uncertain times." - Kim S.

"Thank you for providing the wings of love, support, and communication during these untraversed days. It is comforting and appreciated." - Lori E.

"We have been extremely pleased with the way teachers have handled dissemination of the curriculum and made every effort to make sure our kids remain engaged and challenged in their learning. We are very grateful for this adaptive teaching/learning model and look forward to supporting the faculty in their work. I can’t help but compare to other school experiences of friends and family and they are no where nearly as invested as I have seen OHS teachers. This time is challenging for all. We are very appreciative Oak Hall has ensured teachers remain employed and busy! If there is anything we can do to support our teachers, please let families know. We have realized- now more than ever- how critical they are to the lives of our children AND THE PARENTS!" - Ayesha M.

What were the primary reasons for enrolling your student(s) at Oak Hall?

"The incredible attention to detail for the success of every student. The teachers, learning specialists, and administration all go above and beyond to support each other and the students." - Debra B.

"High focus on academics." - Jamie G.

"I went to Oak Hall and loved it! I know OHS takes education very seriously." - Lauren I.

"She attended 2 weeks of summer camp and loved it. Additionally, with COVID, OHS seemed like the safest and most prepared to handle the pandemic." - Melanie Z.

"I knew my child would be challenged and receive the best education." - Shimeal H.

"My daughter attended a local school for two years, and we were happy there, but we decided to switch to Oak Hall because of the reputation of a challenging curriculum. We have a family member who attends Oak Hall, and the location is much closer to our home." - Stephanie F.

How is Oak Hall doing in comparison to your expectations? 

"You have done a fantastic job communicating the plan and updates for the COVID-19 pandemic." - Ann W.

"Everything has gone very well so far. The communication from OHS is fantastic, she is making friends, doing well academically, and her teachers are great! In this time of uncertainty, OHS has demonstrated the delicate balance of keeping our children safe and healthy while maintaining academic rigor and a positive school culture. I'm so glad we made the decision to send her to Oak Hall." - Amy F.

"Very positive experience. Dr. Diana Murdock (Middle School Director), the staff, and all the teachers have been very responsive and supportive. Dr. Murdock reached out to get to know about the student before school started, and she worked her best to accommodate the student's interests. We can tell immediately that the school cares about the needs, interests, and growth of the student. Everyone is there to help and to make the transition as easy as possible." - Tongyun Y.

"I was very nervous about my daughter starting kindergarten at a new school, especially since she was unable to do the shadow day. However, Oak Hall has been amazing so far! I feel like they embraced her, made her feel comfortable, and really care about her personal and educational growth. Mrs. Willis and Mrs. Dukes have been so supportive and really have had to work to get her not to be so shy in class. I have been very happy with the teachers' enthusiasm, compassion, and organizational process. Every day when I pick her up, she tells me how much she loves Oak Hall. I'm very happy to have Oak Hall as a partner in continuing to teach her to grow into a caring, productive, innovative, and motivated child!" - Gia A.