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Fine and Performing Arts

 Creativity = Capital

Oak Hall's fine arts program reflects our commitment to a well-rounded liberal arts education with a focus on each student’s creative expression.

The arts are given just as much emphasis as academics. From preschool through high school, our students are immersed in the arts.

Our goal is not to produce the next big artist, rather, it is to saturate the creative spirit into all our students' endeavors.
In the Lower School, students enjoy a program focused on enhancing their creativity and individuality. Student art is continuously displayed to encourage pride of work and exchange ideas. Our students perform in musicals, talent shows, classroom assembly programs, and all-school revues. This variety gives everyone the chance to shine and teaches them the value of preparation and hard work.
The program in the Middle and Upper School is a prime example of a thriving student community led by creative young artists ad a team of professional educators. We want our students to be creative in EVERYTHING they do! Our offerings in Visual Arts, Music, and Theater provide a multitude of opportunities for students to flex their creative muscles and gain confidence in their ideas and techniques.

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