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Athletic Schedules

Men's Basketball  
Monte Towe Varsity Head Coach
David Stirt Volunteer Assistant Coach
James York Assistant Varsity Coach
  JV Head Coach
Robert Olinick MS-A Head Coach
Kyle Dean  MS Asst. Coach
  MS-B Head Coach


Brandi Catalanotte Varsity Head Coach
Kelley Thorp Middle School Head Coach/Head of Program
Kaitlyn Hill Stunt Coach


Women's Weightlifting  
Kyle Pratt Varsity Head Coach


Women's Soccer  
Gabby Seiler Varsity Head Coach
  Varsity Assistant Coach



Women's Basketball  
Eric Ringdahl Varsity Head Coach
Barry Hutchinson Varsity Assistant Coach
Mark Hickman JV Head Coach
Russell Holley Middle School A Head Coach
Zack Jernigan Middle School B Head Coach


Men's Soccer  
Andy Westfall Varsity Head Coach
Charles Wharton Goalie Coach
   Varsity Assistant Coach