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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Dashboard

  • Number of Students Enrolled: 781
  • Number of Students in On-Campus Community: 771
  • Number of Current Positive COVID-19 Cases (Students/By Division):
    • ECLC: 1
    • Lower: 2
    • Middle: 0
    • Upper: 0
  • Number of Employees: 185
  • Number of Current Positive COVID-19 Cases (Staff): 0
  • Number of Students in Observational Quarantine (By Division):
    • ECLC: 1
    • Lower: 5
    • Middle: 2
    • Upper: 0

Information about above quarantine and positive case numbers:

Families at Oak Hall can count on transparent communication if contact tracing leads us to believe that any student, faculty, or staff has had an exposure that could jeopardize the safety and well-being of our on-campus community.

  • Many precautionary quarantines are due to family, off-campus exposure, or symptomatic individuals
  • One positive LS cases include 1 precautionary quarantine (one resolved quarantine) due to close contact and other concerns revealed during contact tracing.  A second LS positive test resulted in no quarantines thanks to teacher attestation of sufficient face covering usage layered with good physical distancing.
  • The is a COVID suspicious case in the LS has resolved with a negative test.

*as of September 16, 2021 at 4:44 PM

Update - August 6, 2021:

Dear Parents- 

As we embark on a new school year, one that has many similarities to the tumultuous beginning of last school year, we have thought deeply about how we can best serve our Oak Hall community. As we approach this year, our commitment remains to be steady, consistent, responsible, and resilient partners and to provide an experience here on campus where children can feel safe, challenged, and welcomed. 

To that end, we have continued our focus on controlling what we can control and spending our time refining and constantly revising our plans as new information is received to give our families choices in how they engage with Oak Hall. In relation to COVID-19, we have spent countless hours observing, studying, documenting, and adjusting our plans according to how COVID-19 impacts our community. For over a year, we have followed a robust and proactive set of mitigation protocols that saw us through last school year with limited spread here on campus while the flexibility and expertise of our faculty allowed for the best uninterrupted educational experience for our students.  

We have continued to monitor the situation regarding the Delta variant locally and nationally. Based on the information we have gathered, as well as advice from legal counsel, we will open the school year utilizing the following guidelines:

Preschool & Junior Kindergarten- We understand it is difficult to keep face coverings on this age group, but because a vaccination is not yet available for them, the school still strongly encourages families to send their kids to school with a face covering. Face coverings are preferred for these individuals while indoors. This means the choice to wear a face covering will be left to each family and will not be mandated by the school in Preschool and Junior Kindergarten, its program, or location at this time. As always, we will continue to review and revise our plan based on new developments and local conditions.

Grades K-6- Because a vaccination is not yet available for this age group, face coverings will be required for in-person attendance at school while indoors. This guidance will be reviewed and shifted to Face Coverings Preferred once a vaccination has been made available for these children, no earlier than 35 days following availability. Choices related to Flexible Online Learning for these grades are detailed below.

Grades 7-12- As we have worked to adhere to CDC guidelines and remain mindful of the Delta variant, we will require face coverings in grades 7-12 while indoors; however, we value parental responsibility and choice and considering there is a vaccine available for this age group, we will allow parents to opt-out of their child wearing a face covering in these grades. To opt-out of the face covering requirement in grades 7-12, please visit:

We continue to believe that in-person learning is the best for the students, providing the most direct, personalized learning experiences that keep them from falling behind. We will continue to offer our Flexible Online Learning experience for students who are not yet eligible to receive the vaccine (Kindergarten through Grade 6). This option will be available through the conclusion of quarter 1 (October 15th) and will be reevaluated at that time based on local conditions and needs. Lower & Middle School directors for grades K-6 will send registration information for this option in the coming days should you desire Flexible Online Learning. Flexible Online Learning will only be available for Grades 7-12 if a school-issued quarantine is assigned by Mr. Malloy in his role as the Chairman of the Re-Entry Committee. 

The Re-Entry Committee will continue to monitor the evolving nature of COVID-19 and should changes to our updated guidance become necessary, we will notify you as soon as possible. We appreciate your continued partnership and are confident that with our community’s support, we can make this year a successful one. The task of keeping everyone healthy in these unprecedented times is one we take seriously, and we appreciate the overwhelming support we have received throughout this journey. Please keep an eye out for divisional protocols to be communicated via email next week.

Best Regards,

Dr. James Hutchins, Head of School          

Jeffrey A. Malloy, Director of Operations/Re-Entry Committee Chairman                           

Dr. Mary Grooms, Medical Adviser

Kirsten Rowe, Director of Human Resources and Legal Compliance