For over five decades, Oak Hall School has been nurturing leaders of all kinds. Starting Spring 2024 Oak Hall will launch the OHS Leadership Institute in Spring 2024, open to students entering 9th grade through 12th grade.  

Built with the philosophy that leadership comes in many forms, the LI programmatic focus includes knowledge acquisition, skill development, and practical application around its three core areas: Leading Yourself, Leading Others, and Leading Organization.


Our philosophy is simple: We believe that leadership isn’t one-size-fits-all; leadership is diverse and multi-faceted. Whether a seasoned or emerging leader, Oak Hall School Leadership Institute provides ongoing learning and application opportunities for students to discover and grow their leadership talents and knowledge, resulting in well-equipped and prepared leaders. 


Whether you’re a seasoned leader or just starting your journey, the Oak Hall School Leadership Institute provides opportunities for growth. Our goal is to equip Oak Hall students with confidence and readiness for an ever-changing world. We empower students to transform their passions into impactful action, leaving a positive mark wherever they go. 


The Leadership Institute provides students with a developmental program and pathway to explore and deepen their understanding of and practice of leadership. Students who complete all components will earn a specially designated Leadership Institute Certificate. (See Program Requirements) 

Discover how our program can help you become a well-rounded leader equipped for today’s world. 


Understanding Self: Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and character development. This includes exploring values, ethics, and talents. Uncovering and cultivating your strengths and pinpointing areas for growth. 

Wellness: True leadership requires resilience. Develop the grit and tenacity to face challenges head-on. Learn how to navigate obstacles while maintaining a positive outlook. Discover the power of wellness in both your personal and leadership journey. 

Understanding the World Around You: Leadership is dynamic. Understanding the broader world and its impact on your leadership style is vital for effective leadership in today’s interconnected world. Deepen your awareness of how your strengths, values and leadership style impact and is impacted by the world around you.  


Activating Leadership Skills:  Leadership isn’t just about titles; it’s about influence. Learn how to inspire and guide others toward shared goals. Build trust, communicate effectively, and develop the skills to lead with impact. 

Developing a Team:  Great leaders excel at teamwork. Discover how to leverage the strengths of a group, manage conflicts, and foster collaboration. Gain insights from the well-known Tuckman theory, which describes the stages of team development. 

Interpersonal Skills and Communication: Emotional intelligence is at the core of effective leadership. Enhance your ability to understand and manage emotions, build trust, and communicate empathetically.  


Creating Impact:  Leaders drive change. Develop a visionary mindset to set impactful goals and assess the results. Learn how to influence others and lead with purpose, creating a lasting positive impact. 

Organizational Agility:  In a rapidly changing world, adaptability is key. Enhance your critical thinking, decision-making, and creative confidence. Embrace innovation and entrepreneurial thinking to navigate complex challenges. 

Building a Growth Mindset Organization:  Cultivate a growth and continuous improvement culture. Discover how to lead teams that embrace challenges and see failure as a stepping stone to success. Nurture an environment where everyone can thrive. 

Leadership Council Members

Leadership Institute Certification Requirements

Who is Eligible?

All rising 9th -11th grade students are eligible to participate in the Leadership Institute. Those who successfully complete all program requirements by April of their Senior year will earn the Leadership Institute Certificate. 

How do I Apply?

Students interested in being part of the Leadership Institute must submit a letter of intent to Program Director Jaime Gresley. New members will be considered each semester, below are the deadlines for the coming years. 

  • May 1, 2024 
  • December 1, 2024 

Program Components and Certification Requirements

At the Oak Hall School Leadership Institute, we believe in fostering well-rounded leaders who are prepared to excel in today’s dynamic world. Our Leadership Institute is thoughtfully designed to guide students on a transformative personal growth and skill development journey. To earn your Leadership Certificate, you’ll engage in a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses knowledge acquisition, practical application, and meaningful experiences. Our program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and flexible path to earning your Leadership Certificate. You have the freedom to navigate the components at your own pace, ensuring a customized experience that aligns with your unique needs and goals. 

Remember, the Oak Hall School Leadership Institute is here to support your growth and success. Our flexible approach allows you to move through the program components in the order that best fits your needs. Whether you’re a seasoned leader seeking to refine your skills or an emerging leader eager to embark on your journey, our program provides the resources and guidance you need to excel.

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Coming Spring 2025

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