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Reflections from the Lower School

Michelle Mills, Director of the Lower School

Why attendance and punctuality matters.

Regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways that you can prepare your child for success – both in school and in life. Developing good punctuality and attendance habits early is important because chronic absenteeism increases with age.

Punctuality is very important as this gives your child the opportunity to settle down and get ready to learn. Being present for important announcements, lesson introductions, discussions, and questions and explanations helps to make learning come alive and gets students ready for the rest of the day. Arriving late can be very disruptive for your child because it makes them feel awkward, especially when the lesson has to stop so that he or she can get caught up. It is also disruptive for the teacher as well as other students in the class because it throws them off track. Even arriving just ten minutes late each day will result in about 30 hours of missed teaching during the school year.

Being in the classroom is an important family responsibility. You can help to ensure that your child is engaged in school by:

· Proactively scheduling doctor appointments and family events around school hours

· Practicing a regular bedtime and morning schedule

· Communicating with your child about the importance of being in school every day

· Give specific examples of how education helps people to succeed

· Lead by example


Attendance affects your child’s success!

Poor attendance can influence whether children are reading proficiently by the end of third grade. Nationally, students who miss 10 percent or more days in early grades score significantly lower than their peers on standardized reading tests. Consistent school attendance ensures that your child is a part of a greater learning community. When attendance is a priority, children are not only more academically successful but more socially engaged as well.

Developing positive attendance and punctuality habits at a young age will serve the child well throughout his or her life!