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Appearance Standards & Uniforms

We primarily represent ourselves through our actions and our words, but clothing can also be a reflection of our individuality and of how we present ourselves to the community. We strive to present ourselves as young professionals that value the school community and a positive learning environment. Therefore, Oak Hall students, as representatives of the community, dress in a manner that acknowledges Oak Hall as a place of learning that requires a certain degree of formality. Students are required to adhere to the Uniform Guidelines and Dress Code, and to remain properly dressed throughout the entire school day. Whenever Oak Hall students are on campus or are engaged in school-related activities off campus, they are expected to abide by the dress code, unless they are in programs that require otherwise. 

By his or her attendance at Oak Hall School, a student and his or her parents agree to respect and follow the guidelines established by the school for appropriate school dress. Overseeing adherence to these requirements is a parental responsibility and the school expects and appreciates full cooperation. Young professionalism, decorum, and common sense should dictate parental and student choice of school clothes. If there are questions, the school will determine the appropriateness of the clothing, hairstyle, tattoo, or adornment, even if it conforms to current fashion.