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Middle School Uniform

2021-2022 Middle School Dress Code

Required Oak Hall School uniform items must be purchased from the approved Lands’ End school site.

Oak Hall Middle School’s code for Lands' End is 900075250.

For help with ordering Middle School uniforms from Lands' End, click HERE.

Regular Uniform

Pants or Shorts

Regulation khaki, navy, black, or gray pants or shorts. Cargo shorts are not permitted. 


Regulation khaki, gray, black, navy, or plaid skirt, or skort.  

Shorts, skorts, and skirts must be worn at an appropriate length.

Knit/Active Polo or Oxford Shirt

Burgundy, Soapstone, White, or Navy long- or short-sleeved knit shirt/active dry shirt or white long or short-sleeved Oxford shirt with mandatory Oak Hall School logo (Eagle or Tree) embroidered. Only the top button may be unbuttoned.

Nike Dri-FIT uniform shirt options (INCLUDING BLACK) are allowed in Middle School but must be purchased through BSN or the school store.

Shirts must be tucked into bottoms during the academic day. Students may have shirts untucked during lunch and recess, but they must be tucked back in before students go back to class. 

All shirts, button-up or polo, must contain an Oak Hall logo (either the “tree” logo or the “eagle” logo). If tops are purchased from a vendor other than Lands’ End, you may take them to Alma Mater Custom Apparel (3427 W. University Ave., Gainesville, FL 32607; 352-377-0011; to have the logo applied. They are the only local vendor with rights to our official school logos and each logo will be an approximate charge of $6.


Only plain white short-sleeved or sleeveless undershirts may be worn.


Solid burgundy, navy, or gray embroidered v-neck sweater vest, cardigan, or long-sleeved crew neck with mandatory school logo. A uniform shirt with a collar must be worn underneath sweaters.


Oak Hall crew neck sweatshirts may be purchased through the school store. A shirt must be worked underneath sweatshirts at all times. A uniform shirt with a collar must be worn underneath sweatshirts, unless a student is wearing an Oak Hall t shirt for spirit day on Friday. A student may wear a sweatshirt over an athletic shirt if a student has a game that day. Sweatshirts should fit correctly; no over- or undersized clothing will be allowed. Hooded sweatshirts may not be worn.


Burgundy or Gray full-zip or half-zip fleece jacket or vest with mandatory school logo or letterman jacket. Uniform jackets should be purchased at Lands' End.

Outerwear (heavy coats and raincoats) on cold days or rainy days may be non-uniformed but must be taken off in the building.


Regulation dark brown, navy, or black solid belt required for bottoms with belt loops.


In the Middle School, athletic, boots, or dress shoes with a back must be worn daily. Athletic shoes are required for the PE period.


Socks must be worn with athletic shoes and may be navy, gray, white, or black. Sock length should be ankle or mid-calf.

Girls may wear white knee high socks and solid navy, gray, white, or black tights under uniform bottoms.

Game Day

Athletes may wear game day attire, as approved by the Athletic Director or team coach, along with uniform pants or shorts (except on Dress Day). No hoods are allowed.

P.E. Uniform

Students in grades 6-8 are required to wear a PE uniform during PE.

Tuition includes two shirts and two shorts for each child. During colder weather, students must wear the approved PE uniform, but will have the option of wearing a school approved sweatshirt/sweatpants over their uniform. Additional uniforms, sweatshirts, and sweatpants will be available for purchase in the school store after the beginning of the school year.

PE uniforms will be distributed during the first week of school.

Please contact James Moon with any additional questions.

*Note that all items except shoes, socks, belt, winter coats, rain coats, and P.E. uniforms must be purchased from Lands' End. A limited quantity of uniform items will be available in the bookstore.


No earbuds, headphones, or phones should be used during school hours in the Middle School.