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What's New at the Lower School?

The Oak Hall School Chess Club participated in the Alachua County Fall Grand Prix, a 3-day tournament spread over the last 3 months.The K-1 team earned 1st place with 3 students winning trophies by placing in the top 5. Ishir K., kindergarten, came in 2nd place winning 7 out of 9 games. Connor R., first grade, took 3rd place with 6 points, & John Henry L., kindergarten, placed 5th with 5.5 points. OHS had 8 of the top 10 students in a field of 26 players. Kindergartners Athma R., Shreyan M., Henry T., Tesia G., & Alexander B. rounded out the top 10. The K-3 team also placed 1st & was lead by Kevin R., going undefeated with 8 wins & a draw. OHS had 6 of the top 7 players with Declan M. placing 3rd, Carly V. 4th, Anya M. 5th, Asha S. 6th, & Adelyn G. 7th. There were 51 players in the K-3 section overall. The OHS K-5 team also secured 1st place with 3 players tied for 1st place! Tovy G., first grade, earned 7 points, taking 1st place on tie breakers over teammates Jack J. in 2nd place & Chris Z. in 3rd. Anay G. took home the 5th place trophy with 6 points, & Jason Z. came in a respectable 8th place. Brian Bird, third grade, played a very impressive tournament and tied for 1st place in the K-12 over 1,000 rated division! The club is working hard as they prepare for the National Championships in Orlando on Dec 14th-16th. OHS will have 45 students in this event with teams in kindergarten, first, second, third, fifth, & sixth grade. There will be over 1,600 players from around the country participating in Nationals. Go Eagles!

Running Club

Our Running Club Eagles were able to bring a special visitor to run with them on Thursday. Special guests included parents, friends, teachers, grandparents, and even Dr. Hutchins! 

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