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What's New at the Middle School?

On Saturday, March 30, sixteen Oak Hall Middle School students competed at the Florida State Science Olympiad in Orlando. 111 teams from across the state competed earlier this spring in regional tournaments to qualify for the State competition. 43 teams competed at the state competition, including multiple large science magnet programs. The tournament was the most competitive Florida State Science Olympiad ever.

Overall, Oak Hall finished in 9th place out of the 43 teams, but only a few points away from 6th place. Our students competed in 24 events, winning medals in 8, including:

1st place - Solar System - Spencer F. & Lindsey F.

2nd place - Heredity - Laurie W. & Sannidhi K.

3rd place - Mystery Architecture - Casey C. & Lawson L.

3rd place - Detector Building - Jake K. & Casey C.

4th place - Road Scholar - Spencer F. & Tim A.

5th place - Thermodynamics - Lindsey F. & Spencer F.

6th place - Roller Coaster - Lilia A. & Lindsey F.

6th place - Battery Buggy - Lindsey F. & Casey C.

This was quite an accomplishment for a school of our size. We competed head-to-head against the largest science magnets in the state and now can boast to be a top 10 science middle school in the state of Florida. Excellent job, Eagles!!

April 30 through May 1 – IOWA testing for 6th and 7th grades. Please make sure your students arrive on time, as late students will not be admitted. Please try not to schedule any appointments during these days. Also, it would benefit the students to get a good night’s rest and start their day with a healthy breakfast. There will be a break, so feel free to send your child with a light snack (granola bar or piece of fruit). Students are allowed to have water bottles during testing. When test results are available, they will be sent home. Please feel free to contact Susan Swiderski, Learning Specialist/Testing Specialist at ext 308, or