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What's New at the Upper School?

As part of the 2019 Upper School project weeks at Oak Hall School, Mr. Westfall is conducting mock trials with his American Government and AP U.S. Government and Politics classes. Students have been assigned various roles in a capital offense criminal case: U.S. v Dominique Stevens. Students were required to memorize affidavits, prepare opening and closing arguments, develop case theory, prepare questions for examination and cross-examination, learn the rules for presentation of evidence, including the introduction of exhibits, qualification of expert witnesses, and proper questioning. Preparations for the trial included an examination of the stages of a criminal trial, a study of legal terminology/procedure, and discussions about the fundamental roles and core principals of due process in the criminal justice system.

📸: Cristina Alvarez

Señora Serrano's Spanish III-H students in the Upper School have been penpals with Señora Arroyo's 8th grade Spanish I-B students all year. They had an end-of-the-year fiesta yesterday. We love when our different divisions come together.

Our seniors have been busy in the community fulfilling their last graduation requirement. For the past two weeks, the Senior Class has been shadowing professionals locally, statewide, and even across the nation. Experiences included career internships, special interest pursuits, community service, fine or performing arts studies, or independent study and research. Oak Hall is grateful to so many professionals who gave of their time and shared their talents for the benefit of our students. “It is truly incredible to see the scope of projects our students had the privilege to experience. I am proud of their engagement, the way they represented us in the community, and the experiences they had,” said Coach Malloy, Senior Class Adviser.

📸: Cristina Alvarez