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Aeriethe nest of a bird (such as an eagle or hawk) built high up on a cliff or on the top of a mountain (Merriam-Webster)

Bound by a beautiful burgundy cover, and adorned with black and white pictures and clever photo captions, Aerie was born the second half of the school year in 1971. As stated on the very first Aerie staff page, "The yearbook staff was organized during the second semester. Unsure at first if a yearbook was financially feasible, students received tremendous support from parents and friends of the school. Students elected Cathy Baynard editor, Daphne Brashear associate editor, and Sally Graham business manager. Other staff heads were Caroline Baynard, photography editor, and Adrianne Blackwell, layout editor. Mrs. Jones served as faculty advisor."


Since that fateful semester 50 years ago, Aerie has come a long way! This site is dedicated to continuing the legacy of the first Aerie staff.



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