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Campus Security

The open nature of our campus is one of Oak Hall’s most loved features, but it also requires us to be vigilant in ensuring the safety of everyone on campus. At our main entrance, we have a guard station that is supported by a team of security personnel who are present throughout the school day, ensuring the safety and security of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Additionally, we require key fobs to enter all buildings across the property. We routinely examine our procedures and protocols to look for new and innovative ways to improve our safety precautions. Campus safety is reviewed and vetted by local and national safety experts both within the educational sector and larger public and private sectors.

Student Health Centers

Oak Hall has two health clinics on campus. One is located in the Lower School to meet the everyday needs of our littlest Eagles, while the other is located centrally to our campus, in the administration building, for the rest of our students. Our clinics are managed by a team of trained health professionals, including an on-staff Registered Nurse, who are well-versed in both emergency and routine care. The health clinics are outfitted with emergency medical equipment, first aid supplies, and spaces for students to rest and recover as needed.

Visit Campus

The best way to discover what makes Oak Hall different is to visit campus. Each spring, we welcome prospective families to campus for Saturday Tours to get an insider’s view of what makes us so unique. For those wanting to see our school in action, we offer personalized tours during the weekdays. We look forward to welcoming you to campus!

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Upcoming Events

04March 2024

7th Grade Recital

05March 2024

10th Grade Class Trip

05March 2024

Alumni Mixer

05March 2024

Spanish Conference Showcase

06March 2024

6th Grade Class Trip

07March 2024

Lower School Musical

11March 2024

No School – Spring Break

19March 2024

Lessons In Leadership ft Keynote Jeremy Foley

20March 2024

ACP Auditions (8th-10th)

21March 2024

Music Chamber Concert