SATURATING THE CREATIVE SPIRIT IN ALL OUR STUDENTS' ENDEAVORSWe are a thriving student community led by creative young artists and a team of professional educators.

The Arts at OAK HALL

With an emphasis on our students’ ability to think and act creatively, our program gives students a firm foundation to be successful no matter where they land professionally.
Oak Hall Music is a unique music program modeled after university and conservatory studies with an emphasis on the exploration of all musical styles and genres.
Students not only grow as performers but also obtain a greater understanding of singing and acting by learning from the work of accomplished composers and lyricists

Words From Our Art Community

"One of the strengths of our school is the unique opportunity for students to pursue diverse passions. Students' academic schedules are balanced with enough support and encouragement to allow them to succeed in multiple areas."

Mrs. Audrey Jones

Director of Fine Arts

"Participating in the ACP Program at Oak Hall has had a huge impact on my life. It has allowed me to dive deeper into my passion for theater and the dramatic arts. Through ACP, I have been able to expand my knowledge and abilities by having the opportunity to participate in multiple performances where I gain valuable experience and receive helpful feedback."

Lindsey Fuhr

Top Scholar, Class of 2025

"During my time at Oak Hall, the Arts Conservatory Program helped me showcase my passion for theater. I was able to be a part of three one-school musicals, and win several awards at Thespian competitions. While being a part of ACP theater I was also able to play three varsity sports and excel in my courses. Ms. Molitor and all of the faculty members supported me as I pursued my academic, athletic, and artistic passions."

Jennifer Berthy

Alumna, Class of 2022

Arts Conservatory

The Arts Conservatory Program (ACP) is an advanced track program for Upper School students concentrating in theater, music, or visual arts. Through intensive creative study, we encourage students to think critically while fostering a deep global and cultural awareness.


Learn About the Conservatory Program

Cofrin Art Gallery

As part of our commitment to cultivating an appreciation of the arts, the Cofrin Gallery was created to enrich our students, their families, and our local community. This beautiful gallery is the home of student art shows, weekly Arts Conservatory Program student recitals, and school art shows. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the work of our talented artists!