From theory to application, students are fully immersed in the entire creative process for a hands-on visual art experience.


Designed to facilitate a thorough understanding of the creative process and how it relates to all aspects of life, our visual arts program provides students with an in-depth study of a wide range of artistic mediums. This gives students the opportunity to explore their creativity, connect with their craft, and be fully immersed in their passions.

Our program offers a comprehensive study of:

  • 3D Ceramics/Sculpture
  • 2D Drawing and Painting
  • Traditional/Digital Photography
  • Robotics Art
  • Creative Woodworking
  • Productions

Space to Create

Our classrooms are characterized by lots of windows and natural light. With outdoor workspaces adjoining, students can spread out and work in an environment fit for inspiration and wonder. Our woodworking space and ceramics studio are stocked with a variety of tools to suit any project size and all experience levels.

Enhanced Learning Experience

The development of our budding artists extends beyond the classroom and into enrichment activities such as student art shows. Throughout the year, student artwork is displayed in the Cofrin Art Gallery for the Oak Hall community to enjoy. Further, student art exhibit events are hosted at the gallery, providing our students with opportunities to refine their craft and display with pride.

A Lifetime of Creativity

We believe all students have a creative side that isn’t limited by their ability to draw or paint. Oak Hall’s art classes are unique as they focus on all avenues of creativity. We believe no matter where the future takes our students, they are equipped with creative approaches to solving challenging problems. The world is a more beautiful place with all of their creative contributions.