We encourage students to explore issues, learn new skills, and establish relationships with peers and advising faculty.

Clubs & Organizations


Black Student Union

We believe in being a welcoming entity. It is important that we express to the Oak Hall family that all are welcome, regardless of race. We intend to give a voice to those who may feel unheard or misunderstood on campus (which can be common for black students on predominantly white campuses). Lastly, we aim to teach others about diversity by bringing positive racial relations by promoting mutual respect for all cultures.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization for high school students in the United States. Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Oak Hall students become eligible to apply early in their junior year. Our OHS NHS chapter has a long-standing history of supporting our community with ventures like the K-12 holiday food drive and partnering with our Lower School for after-school tutoring.

Robotics Club

Oak Hall School offers a Robotics Club for Lower School through Upper School students employing Vex Robotics for instruction and competition. Vex, the world’s largest Robotics platform, provides students of all ages (even at the university level) a place to showcase the application of science, technology, engineering, and math in a fun, hands-on, collaborative environment. Students become innovators, thinkers, problem-solvers, and leaders for their future world.

Junior Classical League

The Junior Classical League is an organization for middle and high school students in classical courses. The organization seeks to promote the study of Greek, Latin, and ancient cultures to benefit students and teachers alike, and to examine the world and expand our understanding of literature, language, arts, sciences, and humanity. Through this club, we compete in local, state, and national conventions where delegates have an opportunity to meet other classicists from around the country and participate in academic, creative, and graphic arts contests, and athletic competitions.


The environmental club is for students who support promoting environmental awareness and taking action to preserve and clean up the environment. This club meets biweekly and has adopted a highway (Tower Road between 8th and 20th), organizing and executing multiple roadside cleanups throughout the year. Additionally, the club members empty all of the recycle bins in the Upper School, gymnasium, and administrative offices.

Model UN

In this academic simulation of the United Nations General Assembly, students assume the roles of representatives from various nations and work to resolve current global concerns using the policies and viewpoints of the delegation they are assigned to represent. Oak Hall students practice their compromising, critical thinking, public speaking, writing, and research skills at competitive conferences around the state.

Chess Club

UNITED STATES CHESS FEDERATION (USCF) NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: 2006- Kindergarten 2007- Kindergarten 2008- Kindergarten 2008- First Grade 2010- Kindergarten 2011- Kindergarten 2011- First Grade 2012- Kindergarten 2013- Kindergarten 2015- Kindergarten 2015- Second Grade 2016- Kindergarten 2017- Kindergarten 2017- Second Grade 2017- Fourth Grade 2018- Kindergarten 2019- U8 All Girls 2021- First Grade 2022- Kindergarten 2022- Second Grade 2023- U8 All Girls 2023- Kindergarten 2023- First Grade 2023- Third grade INDIVIDUAL NATIONAL CHAMPIONS: Grayson Cooke, 2014 Kindergarten Co-Champion Jack Judy, 2017 Kindergarten Champion Undefeated 7-0-0 Aakash Jani, 2022 K-1 NES USCF Co-Champion (1st on tie-breakers) Mihai Holcomb, 2022 Kindergarten National Champion k12 nationals (1st on tie breakers) Sophie LI, 2023 U10 All Girls National Champion FLORDA CHESS ASSOCIATION STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS: 2001 Grade 4 2002 Grade 5 2002 Grade K-1 2003 Grade K-1 2005 Grade K-1 2006 Grade K-3 2007 Grade K-1 2007 Grade K-5 2008 Grade K-1 2008 Grade K-3 2008 Grade K-5 2009 Grade K-1 2009 Grade K-3 2009 Grade K-5 2010 Grade K-1 2011 Grade K-1 2012 Grade K-1 2013 Grade K-1 2014 Grade K-1 2015 Grade K-1 2015 Grade K-3 2016 Grade K-3 2017 Grade K-1 2018 Grade K-1 2019 Grade K-1 2019 Grade K-3 2020 Grade K-1 2022 Grade K-1 2022 Grade K-3 2023 Grade K-1 2023 Grade K-3 2023 Grade K-5 INDIVIDUAL STATE CHAMPIONS: 2011 K-1 Nicholas Dang, Srihari Sankuratri 2013 K-1 Will Guan, Chloe Min 2015 K-1 Grayson Cooke 2019 K-1 Tovy Guan 2022- K-1 Aakash Jani 2023- K-1 Mihai Holcomb 2023 K-3 Co-Champions Aakash Jani, Damian Alexander, Addison Baumstark

Download the complete list of clubs and organizations for the 2022-2023 school year.