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2022-2023 Tuition

Half-Day PS & JK$10,240
Full-Day PS & JK$13,840
Kindergarten $15,950
Grades 1-5$16,790
Grade 6-8$18,980
Grade 9-12$19,590



3-year-old Preschool – 4-year–old Junior Kindergarten

New students pay two fees within two weeks of acceptance. The first is a one-time registration fee of $100. The second is a non-refundable $700 (PS-Grade 5) tuition deposit fee. Families may choose between four tuition payment plans: Annual Plan, Two Payment Plan, Four Payment Plan, or Ten Payment Plan. View a comprehensive payment plan here.

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Kindergarten – Grade 12

New students pay two fees within two weeks of acceptance. The first is a one-time registration fee of $100. The second is a non-refundable $700 (PS-Grade 5) or $900 (Grades 6-12) tuition deposit fee. Families may choose between four tuition payment plans: Annual Plan, Two Payment Plan, Four Payment Plan, or Ten Payment Plan. View a comprehensive payment plan here.

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Estimated Grade-Level Fees

Additional costs for families include uniforms (K-12), and school supplies and textbooks (6-12). View an estimated cost breakdown here.

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Oak Hall Financial Assistance

Investing in your child’s future through private education may be one of your most important and largest expenditures. To assist families in need, Oak Hall has a robust financial assistance program. On average, one in five families qualifies for some level of financial assistance.

We encourage any student currently enrolled and new applicants for admission to apply for financial assistance. All applications must be submitted via FACTS, an online tuition management platform. The application has a $40 fee that is to be paid with the submission of the complete application, including all requested financial documents.

Financial Assistance Timeline

November 1st: Application for financial assistance opens for returning Oak Hall families.

January 5th: Application for financial assistance opens for new families.

January 10th: Returning Oak Hall families receive notification of their financial assistance award.

After January 10th: New families receive notification of their financial assistance award two weeks after the financial assistance application has been verified by FACTS and reviewed by the Financial Assistance Committee.

Do you have questions about our financial assistance program? Connect with our Enrollment Management team for a consultation!

Florida School Choice K-12 Scholarship Programs

Oak Hall participates in the Florida School Choice K-12 Scholarship Program, empowering Florida families to have greater learning options for their children. These scholarships are administered through the nonprofit scholarship-funding organizations, Step Up For Students and AAA Scholarship Foundation. Learn more about their income-based scholarship options below.



Oak Hall Honor Scholarship

Oak Hall offers one scholarship each year to a new incoming 6th grade student. The Honor Scholarship seeks to identify, attract, and award a new incoming 6th grade student who has demonstrated distinction in academics and character and has shown potential for leadership.

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Financial Assistance Consultation

We encourage you to learn more about the different forms of financial support available through our payment plans, financial assistance, and scholarships. Sign up for a consultation with our Financial Assistance office today!

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Tuition FAQs

What payment options does Oak Hall offer for tuition and fees?

Oak Hall offers four tuition payment options: one payment, two payments, four payments, or ten monthly payments. The first payment for all plans is due on either June 10th or June 20th. The Two Payment Plan, Four Payment Plan, and Ten Payment Plan charge finance fees that are distributed evenly across all payments.

What will I have to pay at the time of enrollment?

Within 48 hours of returning the signed continuous enrollment contract to the Enrollment Management Team, new families will be sent an email invite to set up their FACTS account (Oak Hall’s tuition management system) for the deposit payment, tuition payment(s), and fee payments. The one-time new student registration fee of $100 and the $700 tuition deposit for 3-year-old Preschool to Grade 5 and the $900 tuition deposit for Grades 6-12 will be automatically drafted and paid through FACTS at the time of account setup. The tuition deposit is nonrefundable and non-transferable and is deducted from the total annual tuition balance prior to the first regular tuition payment due under the payment plan you select.

Who may I contact with questions about tuition?

Our Admissions team is available to answer your questions. You may contact the Director of Enrollment Management, Nancy Coleman, at 352-332-3609 x 112 or with questions about financial aid or international students. For general admissions, you may contact our Admissions Assistant Enrollment Director, Daisha Peek, at 352-332-3609 x 113, or

Financial Assistance FAQs

Should I apply for financial assistance?

First, consider the total annual cost of an Oak Hall education. Then, calculate your ability to cover this cost. Please consider all sources of income, adjust priorities and spending as able, and review assets available for use. If after this analysis you believe you cannot cover all of the educational expenses, we encourage you to apply for financial assistance


Does applying for financial assistance affect school admission decisions?

No. The committee that reviews candidates for admission are “need-blind.” They do not consider whether someone has applied for financial assistance as part of their decision.

Who may apply for financial assistance?

Any student currently enrolled or new applicants for admission to Oak Hall School can apply for financial assistance. Generally, assistance will only be awarded to newly accepted students and current students enrolled for the following school year and whose tuition account is current.

How are financial assistance awards determined?

Oak Hall School utilizes FACTS (an online tuition management service) in calculating the level of demonstrated need of each applicant based on a completed application. These calculations consider gross income, nontaxable income, assets, liabilities, family size, number of children in tuition-charging schools below the college level, and situations where the income level does not support the spending level, among other items. Included in this calculation is an allowance for basic living expenses and taxes. The Financial Assistance Committee reviews this data and will adjust the amounts based on additional knowledge about your unique situation.

What documents do I need to upload and submit in addition to the financial assistance application?

1. Copies of your complete Federal Tax Return from the previous year for all financially responsible parties.
2. Copies of your previous year’s W-2s for all financially responsible parties.
3. Copies of supporting documentation for Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers’ Compensation, and TANF.

What if my tax return has not been filed in time to submit it with my financial assistance application?

Please note, the required tax documentation is from the prior year, not the current year. It is recommended that you make an appointment with your tax consultant early in order to ensure your return is completed in time to submit your financial assistance application. Tax returns must be received for your application to be considered complete and eligible for funding. All awards granted are contingent upon receipt and review of these documents.

What if I have children at other schools that charge tuition?

If you have children at other K‐12 schools that charge tuition, the cost of their education is considered as part of the school’s review of your situation. If you are applying for assistance from Oak Hall, we expect you to apply for assistance at all schools. A note should be included with the application explaining that one of the schools does not have a financial aid program.

College tuition is considered an investment rather than an expense, as it generally pays for itself with higher future wages. As such, many families and college students will utilize federally subsidized loans as well as aid that may be available at the college level.

Does Oak Hall offer a sibling discount?

No, Oak Hall does not offer a sibling discount. However, the total amount of tuition and how it impacts your overall expenses are factored in the committee’s review of your financial assistance application.

What happens in cases of parental divorce or separation?

Regardless of marital status, the school considers both biological parents as responsible for their child’s education, regardless of any legal assertions to the contrary. Therefore, Oak Hall requires both biological parents to complete financial assistance applications.

What happens if one or both divorced parents have remarried?

In cases of remarriage, all adults in each household must submit their information on the application. In the case of a step-parent, their income and assets are to be included in the application, and we will consider the obligations a step-parent has towards his or her own natural children.

Is there a limit to the amount of financial assistance available each year?

While the school does have a generous amount of funds available for granting financial assistance, there is a limit to the funds available and no guarantee that all demonstrated needs will be met. Oak Hall generally gives priority to returning students, new students who are siblings of existing or past Oak Hall students, and new students who are children or grandchildren of Oak Hall alumni. Additionally, we consider students who are rated highly by the Admissions Committee but also endeavor to award assistance to families with varying levels of need, in line with our mission to have a diverse student body.

Is financial assistance awarded for one year only, or for each year my child attends Oak Hall?

Financial assistance awards are granted for one year only. Families receiving assistance must reapply for each subsequent year they wish to receive such assistance. While there are no guarantees as to future financial assistance awards, normally, once a family is receiving assistance, they will receive an award of similar amounts in future years unless their financial situation changes.

In cases where a family’s financial situation deteriorates, more assistance may be granted. Conversely, if a family’s financial situation improves or new information comes to light, assistance awarded may be reduced or eliminated if the Financial Assistance Committee deems such action appropriate.

If my family has an unexpected financial emergency, may I apply for financial assistance after the deadline?

We understand that sometimes a family’s financial situation can change unexpectedly. While funds are more limited for these types of awards, we encourage you to apply if needed. When applying late, please notify our Director of Enrollment Management, Nancy Coleman, at that you are submitting an application. We will be happy to discuss your situation and possible alternative solutions.

When will I know if I have been awarded financial assistance?

Applications will only be considered if they have been filled out completely and all required documents have been submitted to FACTS. New families applying to Oak Hall may submit their financial assistance application at the same time they apply for enrollment acceptance. Financial assistance applications will only be reviewed once enrollment acceptance has been determined. A financial assistance decision letter will be sent to you within two weeks of your financial assistance application is verified by FACTS. Communication to our returning families applying for assistance by January 1st will have a decision by January 10th. For late applicants, please refer to the question regarding late applications.

Will my family have to repay the financial assistance award?

No. Financial assistance is a grant, not a loan.

Will my financial assistance status and information remain confidential?

The school takes seriously its responsibility to maintain confidentiality over all financial assistance information and records. It is recommended that you redact any social security numbers listed on your supporting documents and that you personally scan or mail your documents to FACTS. Parents are expected to keep their financial assistance awards confidential and not discuss them with other families or teachers.

What if I have additional questions?

Our Enrollment Management office is available to answer any of your questions! Sign up for a consultation here.