Equipping young artists with opportunities for individual expression within a tight-knit community of musicians.



Music at Oak Hall takes a modern approach to music education putting the emphasis on the individual musician and teaching them how to work within any size ensemble. This trajectory provides our students with real-world situations and experiences that can be applied after graduating from our halls.

We do this through:

  • Small ensemble chamber concerts and large orchestral/band performances
  • Arts Conservatory music recitals
  • Specialty and honors ensembles that focus on specific styles or instrumentation
  • Inclusion of any instrument or level of experience into our main performance groups

Cofrin Arts Center

Our music department is housed in the heart of the Cofrin Arts Center. This beautiful facility showcases four performance/rehearsal areas, practice rooms, a professional recording studio, and a stunning art gallery. Our students spend before school, lunches, and after school practicing, jamming with friends, and enjoying each other’s company in this space.

Custom Arranged Music

All of our music is custom arranged for each individual performer by the directors and the students. Student arrangers are constantly featured in concerts and recitals. They are trained in the industry standard Finale Composition Software and work collaboratively with the directors and their peers to create a finished product for a concert.

For our students wishing to expand their theory knowledge, we offer a year-long AP Music Theory course. This comprehensive offering informs our budding composers and arrangers about the workings of melody and harmony. It also qualifies them to be featured in a special concert given at the end of their senior year.

Multiple Music Styles

Our program places an emphasis on giving students opportunities to explore a wide variety of music styles. This gives students the exposure they need to feel confident playing within any ensemble. Come to any concert and you are likely to hear orchestral works, pop music, jazz, global music, musical theater, and more.

Global Music Concert

Every year, our music department hosts a global music concert in the spring focusing on a region or culture. In addition, Oak Hall houses a nationally renowned Taiko Ensemble, Tsubasa!

Tsubasa! is a taiko fusion ensemble under the direction of Jason Stahl. Participants include Middle and Upper School students, non-music faculty members, and administrators who meet voluntarily twice a week after school. This group explores the music of East Asia by mixing traditional rhythms and instruments with contemporary styles. In 2014, Tsubasa! was one of four school ensembles selected to perform in front of thousands of educators at the National Association of Independent Schools Conference and has been invited to play at music conferences throughout Florida.

Musical Performances

Our concerts feature students from varied grade levels playing all kinds of instruments, such as winds, voice, strings, guitars, drums, and more. On average, our music department performs over 200 pieces of music a year! From recitals, pit orchestras, traditional end-of-year concerts, and shows at Universal or Disney, our program provides opportunities for our students to use their talents and showcase their achievements with family and friends. With our advanced course options, students are empowered to compose original pieces and perform them in student-led concerts and recitals.

Oak Hall Music

Throughout the year, our students work towards recital performances to debut their original compositions and arrangements in front of their peers. To capture their incredible work, we record their pieces in our in-house recording studio utilizing Pro Tools software. Listen to past performances below!