(10 points each; 2 required)

(must complete 2 practicums with 40 contact hours per practicum)

The Practicum Requirement is a significant aspect of our Leadership Lab Certification Program. Students can begin this requirement starting their 11th-grade year. In this hands-on experience students will complete two approved practicums, with each spanning approximately 40 contact hours. Students customize their practicum experience and have the opportunity to choose between two practicum types.

  • Option one involves a personal growth experience within an organization. Collaborating with a designated supervisor, you’ll work on enhancing specific leadership skills and traits. This option provides a hands-on opportunity to refine your leadership abilities in a real-world setting.
  • Option two offers an external exploration of leadership. By shadowing a leader in different settings, you can gain insights into diverse approaches to leadership. This option allows you to observe and learn from experienced practitioners, broadening your understanding of effective leadership.

During this experience, students will document their goals and reflections. Additionally, please note that approval from Jaime Gresley, the head of the Leadership Institute, is required before commencing your practicums. This ensures that your experiences align seamlessly with the program’s overall objectives.