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Middle School

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Important Information:

9-11 a.m. on August 12 Middle School Orientation in the Cofrin Theatre. 

August 14: Classes begin for all students.





Your Administrators:

Dr. Diana Murdock
Middle School Director and Academic Dean 

Kelly Warm, Ed.S.

Middle School Assistant Director

Oak Hall Middle School faculty and administration are committed to the education of the whole child, including academic excellence, character education, physical development, and an appreciation for the arts. 

The Middle School academic curriculum stresses equally subject content and the skills of critical thinking in traditional, structured classrooms. Music, art, and drama enrich the educational experiences of our Middle School children with a variety of creative and artistic opportunities during the regular school year and in our summer enrichment programs. 

The physical education program emphasizes the importance of each student’s level of physical conditioning while also offering our students the opportunity to participate in multiple team sports and school sponsored summer programs.

We believe that the Middle School years are a decisive period in a young person’s development.

 Character education and service programs set the standards for behavior in our Middle School, and the framework of our Honor Code emphasizes the value of integrity in all student activities – academic, athletic, service, and artistic. 

Oak Hall Middle School provides a safe environment that encourages good character and close relationships between students and their teachers. Participation in service clubs, advisory programs, student government and experiential education offers an opportunity for our students to develop a work ethic in their daily lives and a sense of responsibility for their school and for the wider world community.  

How Do Parents, Teachers, and Administrators Communicate?

The Middle School provides easy access to administration and faculty through numerous avenues of communication.


Agenda Program

Homework planners are used by students, faculty, and parents as a daily reminder for class assignments. See your student's Team Leader for information.


Corinna French, our Marketing and Communications Coordinator, sends an e-bulletin to all our families on the last day of each school week. Please read for information about the following week's activities or important announcements.  If you are not receiving the eCommunicator, please contact Corinna at (352) 332-3609 ext 106 or


A parent may call the Middle School office at (352) 332-3609. Teachers do not have telephones in the classroom but you can leave a voicemail message for the teacher.


Team Leaders arrange individual parent conferences at teachers and/or parents request at any time of the year.  If you are unsure of who are this year's Team Leaders, please contact Sherolyn Spencer, Middle School Administrative Assistant, at (352)332-3609 ext. 201 or



Teachers use Canvas to share grades and assignments. Canvas is web-based so both students and parents can access this information. Students use Canvas to do some of their classwork and homework and then submit it electronically to the teacher for review or grading.