Elizabeth Arroyo Mendéz was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She has a B.A. in Science and Spanish from the University of Sacred Heart in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Elizabeth has 30 years of teaching experience in public and private schools, including five years in math and science and 25 teaching Spanish. She has presented more than 15 Language teacher conference workshops in Florida for the FFLA, AATSP, Scolt, and National Association of Independent Schools as well as served as a judge in the Florida State Spanish Conference. In 2016, Sra. Arroyo won the Spanish Teacher of the Year for the Florida Foreign Language Association. She has also served as a trip leader on students’ trips to Europe with EFTours. She joined Oak Hall School 14 years ago. She helps our Middle School Spanish students compete in their annual Middle School competition in Gainesville and Jacksonville events. Since she started teaching at Oak Hall, Sra. Arroyo teaches Introduction to Languages/Global Affairs and Spanish Level 1A and 1B. Sra. Arroyo is the Language Department Chair.