Phase One Review

Capital Campaign Phase 1A

Safety Expansion | A Campus Priority

Goal: $600K | Complete Fall 2022

Addition of a welcome center and additional perimeter fencing: create a defined entrance to OHS and provide ability to fully close and/or restrict visitors to campus.

Oak Hall’s strategic and master plans start with our mission to be a welcoming, diverse, and supportive learning community empowering students to pursue their academic, artistic, and athletic passions. The addition of the Welcome Center serves as the front door of Oak Hall. It provides a warm hello from an OHS staff member, friendly directions, and a defined entrance. As you pull onto the pavers, seeing the tree emblem displayed prominently, you know you are somewhere special.

The Oak Hall Welcome Center

The Oak Hall Welcome Center not only provides a distinguished entrance to Oak Hall and a welcoming first impression but also improves campus safety, an opportunity identified in the 2019 campus study. This project is an expansion of our campus safety efforts and includes the addition of perimeter fencing. This project is so much more than a new gate: it is a commitment to our children and community, the things we hold most precious.

Our deepest gratitude to the philanthropic leadership that made this project possible:

  • The Pritchett Family, who were the first to embrace this project. Their leadership continues to serve as a catalyst.
  • The Rapier Family, who continues to be an encouraging force for Oak Hall, bringing our community to the forefront in everything they do.
  • The Olinger Family, whose continued commitment and leadership to Oak Hall is seen not only in this project but throughout campus.
  • The Pickens Family, past parents and current grandparents, continue to usher in the next generation of Eagles.
  • The Drummond Family who endlessly demonstrate an unbending commitment to Oak Hall.
  • The Miller Family who continues to give of themselves to grow our OHS Family.
  • The Scorpio Family sho nurtures the development of our community.
  • The Streeter Family who pushes our mission forward, championing it in all they do!
  • The Sandler Cohen Family, a constant and gentle reminder of our commitment to our mission.

Capital Campaign Phase 1B

Learning Enrichment Center

$3M | Coming 2024

Relocate (3) modular structures and construct a new enrichment center, creating flexible learning spaces for LS specials, science, makers space, art, music, and world cultures.

The Rapier Family — a family who exudes kindness, and seeks to serve, has chosen again to lead and bring joy even in their time of sadness. Choosing to honor a special member of their family and leave a lasting legacy.

The continued philanthropic leadership of the Rapier Family is re-envisioning some of Oak Hall’s oldest spaces. As a school, we are privileged to have the Rapier Family join us in actualizing the first phase of the Oak Hall Master Plan —  replacing the 20-year-old cottages and building a new enrichment center! Their astonishing and humbling $3M gift, Oak Hall’s largest philanthropic gift to date, accelerates this dream to reimagine the learning foundation established during our children’s time in the Early Childhood Learning Center and Lower School. So much more than a building, but an opportunity that reinvigorates the learning and teaching experience of our most impressionable Eagles, helping grow new artists, scientists, and musicians, inspiring the heart, and awakening the mind. Giving our teachers a space that matches their excellence. The Karen Rapier Enrichment Center will be filled with the same joy Karen brought to the lives of those she knew and will be a point of pride for Oak Hall forever.

Together we celebrate, share joy, and stand tall, filled with pride to honor Karen Rapier with this phenomenal commitment to serving young children.

Check out a video of the Karen Rapier Enrichment Centers here.