Giving to the OHS Endowment is a way to ensure your gift has a lasting impact and exists in perpetuity. Funds are invested to earn annual interest rather than spent immediately. A portion of the annual earnings are used according to the donor’s wishes and the remaining earnings are reallocated back into the fund’s principal to enable the endowment continued growth for future projects.

The Partain Stevenson Family Faculty & Staff Scholar Fund

Established in spring 2021, this fund provides the distinct opportunity to invest in those who invest in our children.

Centered around one of the families 3 core values, education, the Partain Stevenson Family Faculty & Staff Scholar Fund reaffirms their strong commitment and support of OHS faculty and staff. Their philanthropic leadership is a critical part of the fabric of Oak Hall, building and reaffirming a culture that cares for teachers and ensures investment in not only them as professionals but as parents. A pillar of philanthropy, this fund serves as an inspiration to Oak Hall and an everlasting commitment to the OHS Family.

Upper School Faculty Excellence Fund

With a deep-rooted passion for creating an environment where faculty are supported and thrive in their profession, OHS alumna Lorie Gleim and Dr. Steve Fuhr furthered their support of Oak Hall School through the creation of the Upper School Faculty Excellence Fund. This fund is a direct investment that strengthens the ability of Oak Hall to recruit, retain, and support top talent. Faculty support is a top priority in Oak Hall’s strategic plan and an essential component of our community’s success. This fund allows faculty to dream big, explore new areas of growth, and heighten the student experience.

“Excellent faculty are the reason why ordinary kids dream and do extraordinary things.”