Ticket to Play


Step One

2022-2023 Ticket to Play information will be available on July 1st. All athletes must submit their physical on the FHSAA EL2 form. You can access this form with the link below.


Step Two

All athletes are required by the FHSAA to watch three videos and download the three completion certificates. The required videos and instructions on how to order the videos are listed below. Please note, the pages will make you order the course, but there is no fee. This is an annual requirement as required by the FHSAA regardless of past participation.

How to Order Instructions

Concussion for Students

  1. Watch Video
  2. Print Certificate of Completion

Heat Illness Prevention

  1. Watch Video
  2. Print Certificate of Completion

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

  1. Watch Video
  2. Print Certificate of Completion

Step Three

Please go to www.athleticclearance.com and update or open your account. All information that is required by Oak Hall and the FHSAA can be uploaded to your account (birth certificate, NFHS videos, insurance information, and anything else that is requested). If you have trouble maneuvering Athletic Clearance, please click on the link below.


Step Four

Please email any documents you are unable to upload onto Athletic Clearance to Buffy McTureous at bmctureous@oakhall.org.

Once you submit your information on athleticclearance.com, you will receive an email stating you have begun the clearance process. This email is NOT granting your child eligibility. You will receive a clearance email three to four business days following the submission of items stating your athlete has been cleared. This will mean that eligibility has been granted. Students may not begin open facility, conditioning, tryouts, practices, or athletic competitions without a completed Ticket to Play.

Please do not wait until the last minute to complete all the necessary information and steps. It takes three to four business days to receive clearance after you have completed all the necessary steps.

Step Five

Turn your Ticket to Play Clearance email (the second email you receive from noreply@fhsaahome.org) in to your coach or show your coach a digital copy. This is your admission into open facility, conditioning, tryouts, practices, or athletic competitions.

Your coach will not take any other Ticket to Play paperwork from you. You must submit all paperwork on your athleticclearance.com account or email to bmctureous@oakhall.org if you are unable to upload.

Assuming the student continues to meet academic eligibility requirements as outlined in the Student-Parent Athletic Handbook, the Ticket to Play Process must only be done one time annually. Following the original submission of a Ticket to Play, students will be placed on a “Cleared List” and permitted to participate in other athletic-related activities in the school year.

The FHSAA Physical (EL 2 Form) is ONLY valid for 365 days from the date the exam was done. If it expires before the end of the school year, the student will temporarily lose eligibility until a new form can be provided.

Athletic Handbook

The Oak Hall Athletic Handbook is organized to provide helpful information about Oak Hall’s athletic program and the responsibilities and privileges of students who participate in athletics. While it is not possible to find answers to every question in this handbook, you should find it to be a useful reference guide. If you have a question regarding the athletic program, please contact the Director of Athletics, Edwin McTureous emctureous@oakhall.org.


Oak Hall Athletic


All Oak Hall Athletic families are a part of the Athletic Booster Club and everyone is welcome to attend any meetings. All meetings are held in the Student Center and begin at 6:30 pm.

  • 9/21/22- Wednesday
  • 10/26/22- Wednesday
  • 11/30/22- Wednesday
  • 1/11/23- Wednesday
  • 1/30/23- Monday
  • 4/19/23- Wednesday

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Athletic Booster Officers

Jeff Quigley


Bill Ezzell

Vice President

Anne Aulisio


David Wooley


Edwin McTureous

Director of Athletics/Faculty Liason

Deborah Raulerson

Lower School Coordinator

Hollis Woolley

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