Lower School

Rising 3rd Grade

Rising 4th Grade

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  • Rising 4 Grade Assignments (part 1)
  • Rising 4 Grade Assignments (part 2)
  • Rising 4 Grade Assignments (part 3)

Rising 5th Grade

Middle & Upper School

Middle School Reading Assignments

Rising 6th Reading:

Rising 7th Reading:

  • 7th Grade – Mrs. Armstrong
  • Novel: Tangerine by Edward Bloor
  • Assignment: Choose three (3) of the assignments here to complete before the beginning of school in August.

Rising 8th Reading:

  • 8th Grade – Mrs. Zarrinpar
  • Novel: The Crossover by Kwame Alexander ISBN 10: 0544935209 – ISBN 13: 9780544935204.
  • Assignment: As you read: complete the double entry journal for each section along with the tasks that follow (pages 4-11).
  • As you read: complete the theme tracker. Record quotes and pages that will help you get a clearer picture about what the author is trying to teach us about that big idea or what the characters learn about that big idea. (page 3).
  • When you finish: Choose one of the project options on the following page to complete. See full description as well as success criteria for this assignment here.

Upper School Reading Assignments