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Arts Conservatory Program

The ACP allows students to concentrate in theater, music, or visual arts.

Established in 2010, the Arts Conservatory Program (ACP) is an advanced track program that allows students to concentrate in theater, music, or visual arts. The ACP is designed to enhance students’ problem-solving skills, global/cultural awareness, and critical thinking skills through intensive creative study.

Entrance is by audition or portfolio; upon graduation, students earn special designation on their diplomas and transcripts.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting all current requirements for admission to Oak Hall School, students wishing to enroll in the ACP will be required to audition in front of a panel consisting of the arts faculty with the Upper School Head and/or Headmaster. The respective instructor for each discipline will determine the style of the audition (i.e. instrumental solo for music, contrasting monologues for theatre, an art portfolio for visual arts, etc.) as well as the rubric for evaluating the perspective student.

Auditions will be open to rising 9th graders during the spring of their 8th grade academic year. Rising juniors may also elect to audition for entry into the ACP during the spring of their 10th grade year, provided they are in a position to successfully complete the arts concentration credit requirements.

Audition Requirements

All students aspiring to enroll in the ACP will be required to participate in an audition process for entry into the program.

A review committee consisting of the Fine Arts faculty will assess auditions and portfolios and conduct a personal interview with each potential conservatory student.

Visual Arts Audition Requirements:

Visual Arts Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in either 2D or 3D in the visual arts. Each candidate will be interviewed by the committee, and should be prepared to submit a portfolio of actual work (or a power point presentation) for review. Portfolios should demonstrate a range of artistic media and creative exploration. 

Acting & Musical Theatre Audition Requirements:

Those wishing to be considered for the acting concentration should have a prepared (memorized) monologue 1-2 minutes in length. The monologue MUST be from a published play or film. 
Those auditioning for a musical theatre concentration should come prepared with 16 bars of music in your key taken from a published and produced musical. In addition, a prepared (memorized) one minute monologue from a published play or film is required.

Musical Performance Audition Requirements:

Auditionees should be ready to play live a prepared piece of music, (in the style of their choosing), that best demonstrate their musical ability.

Vocalists should provide music for piano accompaniment prior to the audition.

Under the guiding principles of Oak Hall School’s motto, “Scholarship, Leadership and Service” all students electing to pursue an “Arts Concentration” who are accepted and enrolled in the Arts Conservatory Program will have additional academic, leadership and service requirements.


The ACP is college preparatory in nature.

High academic standards are required in all Arts related classes and expected in every other area of study. All students accepted in the ACP shall have the same core academic requirements for graduation as every other Oak Hall student. In addition, they will be required to fulfill an “Arts Concentration” requirement as outlined below.

Credit Requirement (Arts Concentration):

Students accepted to the Arts Conservatory Program will declare an arts concentration in one of the following disciplines: Visual Arts, Music, or Theater. Students will be required to take the corresponding class in their chosen area of concentration each year as well as one additional course from another arts discipline.

For example, a student declaring a concentration in Music would be required to take Advanced Music Ensemble each year in the Upper School, as well as an additional class in visual arts and/or theater sometime before graduation.

Academic Requirement: Students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 in all arts curriculum classes and demonstrate proficiency in their chosen area of concentration. Furthermore, students should maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in all other core classes while enrolled in the Arts Conservatory Program. ACP students who maintain these standards and successfully complete all core academic requirements and arts concentration requirements will have their achievement notated on their academic record and Oak Hall School diploma.


Students are required to maintain an active leadership role in the community.

As artistic leaders, it is important that they actively participate in, advocate for, and support the arts not only to enrich themselves, but also the greater community. There are three Leadership requirements expected of Arts Conservatory Program students:

  • Community Arts Requirement: Each academic year, all members of the ACP must attend at least three outside art events in each of the three major arts areas: Music, Theatre, and the Visual Arts. These events must be other than Oak Hall School sponsored events. Attendance at the required events must be proven by a ticket stub or other evidence of attendance. Also a written critical review of the event must accompany proof of attendance.
  • Conduct: Students enrolled in the Arts Conservatory Program are afforded the unique opportunity to represent our school in a public forum on a regular basis through performance and presentations. They are the “face” of our school on many occasions and are our greatest ambassadors to the community. It is crucial that they adhere to Oak Hall’s policies on conduct as outlined in the Handbook for Upper School Students and Parents at all times. ACP students should conduct themselves in a manner that is befitting to the ideals of Oak Hall School: Scholarship, Leadership, Service; realizing that their actions are a direct reflection of the school and the Arts Conservatory Program. This includes behavior during school hours as well as after hours conduct during performances and presentations off campus. Disciplinary actions will be handled according to the procedures outlined in the Handbook for Upper School Students and Parents.
  • Exhibition / Performance Requirement: Before the conclusion of their senior year, all ACP students will be expected to complete a final exhibition or performance that reflects mastery of their chosen discipline. This final exhibition/performance can be implemented as part of the “Senior Project” required of all Oak Hall Seniors or as a separate entity. ACP students will work closely with the instructor in their chosen arts concentration during the planning and implementation of their exhibition or performance.


Students actively enrich the community through the arts, and creative public service projects.

ACP students will also be required to actively maintain this tradition of service.

  • Club Participation Requirement: All Arts Conservatory Program students must maintain active membership in at least one Arts related club, (Art Club, Thespians, etc).
  • Creative Service Requirement: Students will be required to identify, propose, organize and/or participate in at least one Arts related public service project per academic year.

Students do not need to be in ACP to participate in our regular Fine Arts classes.